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Ready-to-Use Resources to Teach Multiplication Facts


Teaching Videos for Each Multiplication/Division Lesson!

Three teaching videos accompany every Factivation!® lesson. These Multiplication and Division videos have been carefully designed to introduce only a small group of new facts (using simple, brain-friendly strategies), while providing interactive fluency-building with Multiplication facts from previous lessons. The one-of-a-kind, student-adored Factivation!® for Multiplication and Division videos provide constant reinforcement and allow for quick progression toward complete Multiplication and Division mastery.

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Each Factivation! ® for Multiplication and Division lesson has a variety of printable resources for all purposes: multiplication concept building, strategy practice, and fluency building. The Skills Set extends and reinforces the learning of Multiplication facts even further by applying new and previously learned facts to their Division counterparts, algebraic patterns, geometric concepts, and problem solving with word problems.

Pictured: Color-coded Multiplication Fact Flipbooks




The clickable arrays and models have been created to reinforce the facts from current and previous lessons, while solidifying the concept of Multiplication. Factivation! ® for Multiplication and Division does not inundate students with random facts, but rather presents all Multiplication and Division facts in a systematic, organized, brain-friendly way that makes sense to students.

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All facts can be easily mastered using the Four Strategies:

four multiplication strategies