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Lesson 4: Nines


Lesson Four: Nines uses the TRICK STRATEGY. Two tricks are presented: Finger Factor and Nines Product Pattern. (Color-Coding for Flipbooks & Posters = PURPLE)

A practice mat is provided for younger students learning Finger Factor. See"Additonal Resources" below.


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..9X4,4X9 .. 9X7,7X9
..9X3,3X9 .. 9X9,9X9
..9X6,6X9 .. 9X8,8X9

These focus facts are the ONLY remaining Nines facts for students to learn. 9X0, 9X1, 9X2, and 9X5 were already addressed in Lessons 1-3. Lesson 4 is the last lesson to have six focus facts. (The lessons that follow have only three.)

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Videos that Teach Lesson 4 Multiplication Facts



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Students learn how to quickly calculate all Multiplication facts with 9 as a factor. The Fast Facts video develops automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group.Click screens to PLAY. Download free Flash player.