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Do YOU have students that need to learn the Multiplication facts?

Check out the FREE RESOURCES below and in our Full Lesson Sample!

Introduction To Multiplication Facts


The Introductory Lesson introduces students to the Four Strategies that simplify every Multiplication fact, the concept of Multiplication, and important Multiplication vocabulary: factors, product, and commutative property. Use the Concept Builders provided to reinforce what Multiplication means.


There are no "focus facts" for the introductory lesson; however, students are introduced to 0X4, 6X4, 6X3, and 8X3, along with the Four Factivation!® Strategies used for each.

The Introductory Video (below) gets students excited about the Factivation!® program and learning their Multiplication facts.

Factivation!® Assessment Tool


The Factivation!® Assessment Tool is a unique and powerful tool that allows teachers/parents to diagnose fact gaps in older students and prescribe only needed lessons. For younger students, use the Pre-Assessment to get a baseline from which to measure progress.


Factivation!® Assessment Tool Components:

multiplication assessment tool: instructionsmultiplication assessment tool: class profile sheet multiplication assessment tool: student sheet

Introductory Video

introduction to multiplying: video screen



The Factivation! ® Introductory Video lays the groundwork for students' understanding of Multiplication. It is strongly recommended that students watch this video before beginning Factivation! ® for Multiplication. The Introductory Video introduces students to the concept of Multiplication, the Four Strategies used to easily recall every Multiplication fact, and important Multiplication vocabulary (factors, product, and commutative property). Download free Flash player.