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Lesson 7: Fun Facts 2


Lesson Seven: Fun Facts 2 is the second lesson using the CHANT STRATEGY. (Color-Coding for Flipbooks & Posters= GREEN)

Students realize that even some of the "harder" facts- 6X3, 7X3, and 8X4 are actually simple when using a strategy that makes the facts meaningful. Students love reciting the chants in this group.

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Students love learning these facts! The Lesson 7 chants are simple to remember and fun to recite. The 6X3 chant uses a familiar beat (We will, we will rock you...).

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Videos that Teach Lesson 7 Multiplication Facts



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Students learn high-energy chants to quickly recall the products of 6X3, 7X3, 8X4 and their commutative counterparts. The Fast Facts video develops automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group. Click screens to PLAY. Download free Flash player.

Printables for This Lesson (.pdf)

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lesson seven facts: information iconLesson Info


Overview.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Page Divider. Multiplication-Facts / L7

Fact Tracker. Multiplication-Facts / L7



multiplication worksheets: assessments iconAssessments------teaching tutorial: assessments


Assessment A.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Assessment B.Multiplication-Facts / L7

* See Progressive Assessment Instructions



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Practice 1.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Practice 2.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Practice 3.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Practice 4.Multiplication-Facts / L7



mutiplication worksheets: fact fluency iconFluency Builder---teaching tutorial: fact fluency


Fluency Builder.Multiplication-Facts / L7

Fluency Builder.Multiplication-Facts / L7




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6X3 Chant.Multiplication-Strategies / L7

7X3 Chant.Multiplication-Strategies / L7

8X4 Chant.Multiplication-Strategies / L7