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Lesson 3: Fives


Lesson Three: Fives is the next lesson using the TRICK STRATEGY. (Color-Coding for Flipbooks & Posters = PURPLE)

Students learn two "tricks": Count by Fives and Fives Product Pattern. Skip-counting is practiced and students are also taught the concept of "half". This video also reviews the Twos facts from Lesson 2.

Lesson Overview>>


..5X4,4X5 .. 5X6,6X5
..5X7,7X5 .. 5X3,3X5
..5X9,9X5 .. 5X8,8X5

Once students understand the strategy,
all Fives facts can be easily mastered. The focus facts are a representative sample.

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Videos that Teach Lesson 3 Multiplication Facts



play full videoplay quick flickplay fast facts

Students learn how to quickly calculate all Multiplication facts with 5 as a factor. The Fast Facts video develops automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group. Click screens to PLAY. Download free Flash player.

Printables for This Lesson (.pdf)

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