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Lesson 2: Twos


Lesson Two: Twos is the first lesson using the TRICK STRATEGY. (Color-Coding for Flipbooks & Posters= PURPLE)

Fluency with addition doubles facts ensures near-instant automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group. The other "trick" presented is skip-counting by Twos, demonstrated and practiced in the Quick Flick.

Lesson Overview>>


..2X4,4X2 .. 2X7,7X2
..2X2,2X2 .. 2X3,2X2
..2X6,6X2 .. 2X8,8X2

Once students understand the strategies (Double the Other Number or Count by Twos), all Twos multiplication facts can be easily mastered.

The focus facts provide a representative sample.

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Videos that Teach Lesson 2 Multiplication Facts



play full videoplay quick flickplay fast facts

Students learn how to quickly calculate all Multiplication facts with 2 as a factor. The Fast Facts video develops automaticity with all Multiplication facts in this group. Click screens to PLAY. Download free Flash player.

Printables for This Lesson (.pdf)

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Practice 1.Multiplication-Facts / L2

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Fluency Builder.Multiplication-Facts / L2

Fluency Builder.Multiplication-Facts / L2




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Count by Twos.Multiplication-Strategies / L2

Doubling.Multiplication-Strategies / L2