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"My coworker used your system last year and said she saw the best fact retention in 12 years of teaching. You came highly recommended!"

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Multiplication Facts Make a Difference!


“With all the same teachers and just the use of Factivation!® being the difference, our 5th grade math scores went from 76% to 96% passing!

I have never found such a beneficial tool as Factivation!® It provides an organized, easy way to get the facts memorized that includes visual, auditory, and hands-on methods that work."

-Dr. Diane Welker,   Arbor Grove Elementary


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Kids across the USA, Canada, and Australia are learning their Multiplication facts and GETTING FACTIVATED! Find out how to get your student(s) involved!
















“I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the program! Your program has reached ALL of the 27 learners in my classroom this year. We will "factivate" it every year from here on... One of my students with special needs scored higher in multiplication than in basic addition/subtraction. Everyone was shocked, except me. I love the multimedia approach of Factivation!®”

-Angie, Classroom Teacher


“Factivation!® was THE number one factor in helping my struggling math students master their Multiplication facts. This learning process provides you with every key step to ensure success. It is an incredible learning tool for the classroom that will amaze and surprise you.”

-Donna Bergmann, Title I


“I Love Factivation!® It reinforces lifelong knowledge and offers daily practice in such a fun way. The videos really help students to learn! Students who get bored with rote memorization now have fun when learning the Multiplication facts. They figure out that it isn’t hard when you take it one lesson at a time.”

-Angela Owen, 3rd Grade


“In computer lab, my students would do Multiplication drills or play some of the games that practice the facts. It was amazing to see their accuracy skyrocket after using Factivation!® It made learning (and teaching) the facts simple.”

-Dusty Kanaga, 4th Grade


“I am a huge fan of Factivation!®. The videos and quick flicks get my students amazingly excited about learning their multiplication facts!! The students are really pumped and challenged to answer the few facts before the video shows the products. My students are so proud of their very own colored Factivation!® flipbooks, and parents have commented how helpful the flipbooks have been at home. I was able to have each student work on the Fact Lab today and the best part was that they all focused on individual lessons that they needed extra practice on. I love your product!!”

-Carrie Lenhart, 3rd Grade


“My kiddos just LOVE Factivation!®...they beg for it daily!”

-Connie Quissenberry, 3rd Grade